Become A Member

the ramblin' rogues square dance club exists:

  • To promote active fellowship with those interested in square dancing, including inter-club activities.
  • To foster a high standard of square dancing and welcome all dancers, capable of dancing at the Plus level, to Club dances.
  • To promote and introduce square dancing to friends and others showing an interest.

Membership in the club is available to adults capable of dancing at the Plus level or higher, and to youth, age 11 to 17, associated with a club member and who have graduated from the Plus level class.

To apply, submit the following to a club officer in person, at the club postal address on the form below, or by email to

  • This completed form
  • A photograph of each applicant.
  • Payment by check, as indicated on the application form.
Your application will be considered and voted upon at the next governing board meeting, held on the second Wednesday of each month.