Valentine’s Half Way Dance February 9, 2017

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Ramblin’ Rogues / Church Mice Half Way dance last night and made it a great success! Everyone wore red in celebration of the Valentine's theme. It was another magical Thursday night.

Charlie Robertson and Mike Haworth are both wonderful singers and gave us a great dance. Many dancers observed the calls were faster than usual but I noticed most the squares handled the pressure well!

Thanks to Donna who took over for Pauline to take care of the singles rotation board. She worked that board with steely determination!

A special thanks to Judy and Gary Milton and to Larry and Livia Caruana for the amazing food they provided. The fruit with either a hot chocolate or hot caramel dip caught my attention. The cheesecake ladled with cherry sauce was irresistible, and I saw cookies that I had to work hard to resist.

Fred and the Class Coordination team