Class #1 thru 4 September 8,15,22,29

Class #4 September 29, 2016

This class we reviewed most of the previously taught calls and additionally learned the following calls,

Bend the Line                    California Twirl                                Star Thru

We held a meeting with all class members where Mary Kay and Linda volunteered to be class sheriffs. They will be ‘sworn in’ the following Thursday. We also covered the following subjects,

  • A $20 monthly pass will be offered for October. Rather than paying $6 per person each Thursday night in October, the class member may choose to purchase a monthly pass for $20. This has the advantage that money only needs to be exchanged once a month and this provides for a discounted rate (i.e. $20 instead of $24 = 4 x $6)
  • Square balancing
  • Modified schedule for the class (i.e. review from 7:00-7:30 pm, then new instruction from 7:30-9:30 pm),
  • Class badges will be available for $8 and that charge is refundable when the badge is turned in. If the individual joins the club then they are not charged for the club badge.


Fred and the Class Coordination Team




Class #3 September 22, 2016

Hi Ramblin’ Rogues Square Dance Class Members!

Welcome and thank you for joining us on Thursday nights for square dance instruction with the Ramblin’ Rogues!

This Learn page of the Ramblin’ Rogues Web site is for you! I’ll be updating this page weekly to keep you informed as to what Charlie Robertson, our instructor, has taught on Thursday. If there are pertinent class announcements, this will be the place I post them.

Note that each posting will have a header such as is displayed above Class #3 September 22, 2016. The most current posting is always on the top.

During the first three classes, the following calls have been taught,

Dosado                               Forward and Back                           Pass Thru

Right and Left Grand        Ladies Chain                                     Allemande Left

Promenade                        Circle Left                                          Circle Right

Courtesy Turn                    Swing                                                 All Eight to the Center

Roll Away                           Weave the Ring


I recommend a couple of web sites for reviewing the various calls. The first shows real people dancing the calls. The link for that site is  The second site shows cartoon like characters from the perspective of a person looking down on the square. The link for this site is,  Each site has its advantages.

In addition, there is a document found on the LEARN page of the Ramblin' Rogues web site called Basic and Mainstream Definitions. This provides a written description of the calls and is a great tool as well.


Fred and the Class Coordination Team