Class #8 October 27, 2016

The class tonight was a sight to behold! Everyone (except possibly three 🙂 ) dressed in Halloween costumes! We had Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, a stud and a stud finder, Where’s Waldo and his look-a-like girlfriend, a police officer, two railroad engineers, multiple pirates, a saloon girl, a priest, multiple gunslingers, Elvira, witches, a wizard, a woman trying to convince us to take a bite out of her apple, an Egyptian princes and prince, and so many more!

A big thanks to Donna Hunn, Sanae and Jeff Atkins, Judy Milton, and Su Barker for organizing, judging, and providing prizes for best costumes in multiple categories. Be sure to go to Facebook and search for ‘Ramblin' Rogues Square Dance Club’ for pictures from Susan Cook.

Remember that if you need make up time because you’ve missed a class or two, please contact John and Sandy Hill or Gary Milton.

Charlie covered the following calls tonight,

  • Boys Trade
  • Girls Trade
  • Partners Trade
  • Circle to a line
  • Veer left from two facing lines
  • Separate around one to a line
  • Separate around one and come into the middle

If  missed anything, please email me at

Fred and the Class Coordination Team