Class #32 June 1, 2017

Tonight we had a lot of ‘lasts’ for this class: last workshop with Gary Milton, last review with John & Sandy Hill, last collection from our Sheriff, Mary Kay, and others. It’s been a wonderful year with great class members and great angels.

Graduation takes place next Thursday, June 8, at 7:30 pm. It’s always a fun evening. We’ll go out for pizza at Round Table Pizza afterwards. Remember we won’t have workshops and review with Gary and John that evening.

Gary Milton reviewed all of the ‘Spin Chain’ calls:

    • Spin Chain Thru
    • Spin Chain the Gears
    • Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears

Charlie did calls from new positions. Notably he did Fan the Top from a variety of positions.

Following is the ‘last poem’ from Sheriff Mary Kay

It's been 9 months
The time has flown fast
Calls went from simple to
"How do you do that?"

We've all worked hard
Angels at our sides
To make all that dancing
End in a square with 4 sides!

We're now almost there
Graduation's in sight
So please won't you donate
A dollar tonight?

Fred and the Class Coordination Team