Class #31 May 25, 2017

We had a full house tonight with many wearing red, white, and blue to celebrate the upcoming Memorial Day! Well done Angels and Class members!

Charlie Robertson was out this evening so Dennis Young substituted. He put together a wonderful evening of instruction and review.

Graduation is June 8 – two weeks away! On the evening of graduation, we will start at 7:30pm and will not have the usual workshop with Gary and the review with John Hill.

Mary Kay levied a Memorial Day themed fine!

As you know, all the calls have been taught at this point so the evening was mainly review. Following are some of the calls covered this evening.

Gary pointed out that it’s good practice to square up at the end of each call – you should always be facing one of four walls at the end of a call.

He also pointed out that at the beginning/end of each call you should know who your current partner is and you should have a light hand hold or at least tap your partners hand as a reference. Many calls are partner based so you’ll want to know who your current partner is.

During John Hill’s review, John fired off lots of calls in quick succession to get the class acclimated to dancing at normal speed. Among others, he called lots of the following:

  • Boy run
  • Girl run
  • Trade
  • Centers Trade
  • Ends Trade
  • Centers Cross Run
  • Circulate

Dennis Young observed the class was doing well. Among other calls, he reviewed Cross Fire, Tag the Line, Half Tag the Line, and Quarter Tag the Line.

Lots of fun this evening!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team