Class #29 May 11, 2017

Charlie taught the following calls tonight:

  • All Eight Spin the Top
  • Peel the Top
  • Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears

In addition to others, Charlie reviewed:

  • Spin Chain the Gears
  • Spin Chain Thru

Charlie announced that at this point, all of the calls (basic/mainstream/plus) have been taught and that the next few weeks will be an opportunity to solidify what the class members have learned. Note that the class has learned approximately 100 calls. Spectacular!

Graduation is in 4 weeks from tonight! The Saturday following graduation is the Class Party.

John Hill announced ‘this is the best class he’s seen in 20 years’!

Our sheriff, Mary Kay, gave a short history of Mother's day. She fined those that didn't know the name of the woman that established this day.

After graduation there is a series 12 workshops, one per Thursday, with a different caller each Thursday. It will be a great opportunity to dance to a variety of callers!

Fred Baker and the Class Coordination Team