Class #24 March 9, 2017

Caller Mike Haworth substituted for Charlie Robertson tonight. We had a great turnout this evening.

Mike Haworth taught the following calls:

  • SeeSaw
  • Peel Off
  • Linear Cycle

We also had a review of Teacup Chain, Ping Pong Circulate, and Load the Boat.

Class Sheriff, Mary Kay, was back after a couple week absence. She has been taking care of her husband Jim as he is recovering from surgery. The fine tonight? If you are in good health, the fine is $1.

We had a class meeting that was led by Barbara and David Jansen. The Venue, Date, Time for the End of Year Class party are set. Charlie Robertson will join us. A paper with emails for the class members was distributed for verification. Assignments for the class party were discussed.

Thank you class members for all of the energy you put into this class!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team