Class #22 Februrary 23, 2017

Tonight Charlie Robertson taught the following calls:

  • Eight Chain Thru
  • Variations of Eight Chain Thru such as Eight Chain Two, Eight Chain One, Eight Chain Four. Note that an Eight Chain Eight is the same as an Eight Chain Thru.
  • Acey Deucey

Our sheriff, Mary Kay (and husband Jim), were out so Pat Westbrook did the honors this evening. Thank you for stepping in Pat!

Sandy and John will be hosting a second Practice and Pizza on Saturday, March 4. Please join us for this chance to get some floor time and to socialize with fellow square dancers!

Judy Milton announced that she has two restaurants lined up for Bakersfield. Be sure to sign up so that she can give the restaurants a head count!

The class held a brief class meeting. Barbara and Cookie have been scouting out candidate venues for the end-of-year party and gave a report on progress. Fred took an action item to see if last year’s venue is available with the understanding that we are under some time pressure to set the reservation.

Nice dancing tonight! We were introduced to our first plus call. That means we have learned a good number of calls so far – approximately fifty.

At the end of class, Quin led us in a rousing rendition of ‘The Happy Wanderer’!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team