Class #21 February 16, 2017

Great dancing tonight!

Charlie taught us the following calls:

  • Do Paso
  • Allemande Thar
  • Slip the Clutch  (follows the Allemande Thar)
  • Shoot the Start (follows the Allemande Thar)

We had a class meeting and covered the following two items:

End of Year Class Party

Traditionally the class throws a party at the end of the class year. Graduation date is Thursday, June 8, and the party is normally on a weekend afternoon or evening after the graduation date. The party is a thank you to all of the angels who have helped through the course of the year.

The party can be held at a house, a club house, or other venue. Last year it was at a club house. It’s a social event with food and drinks and possibly some square dancing too. The money to pay for the party comes from the sheriffs’ fund and Mary Kay and the other sheriffs have collected over $1000 so far.

Barbara Jansen and Cookie agreed to co-chair this event. Thank you Barbara and Cookie!

Bakersfield Fiesta

The Bakersfield Fiesta is coming up in the middle of March. It’s a week-end of dancing at the Bakersfield Fair Grounds. There are several halls and one is dedicated to dancers at about your level. We always have a good time and it’s a great chance to get a lot of floor time. I certainly encourage you to join us. We will have roughly 70-80 Ramblin Rogues there so you’ll be in good company.

Fred and the Class Coordination Team