Class #19 January 26, 2017

Gary’s workshop at 6:30 pm, John’s review at 7 pm, then Charlie’s lesson at 7:30 pm were all well attended! Great teaching and great learning all the way around!

Charlie taught the following:

  • Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
  • Scoot Back
  • Recycle (this was review)

Sheriff, Mary Kay, composed the following timely poem:

The rain has stopped
The sun is out
We all are happy
There is no doubt

If you agree
I'm sure you do
One dollar now
Will make it true


Our co-sheriff, Linda, was back with us – it was great to see her.

Remember that we have our half-way dance in two weeks (Thursday, February 9) and that the theme is Valentine’s Day so wear red and white to help celebrate. There will be no instruction that evening and dancing starts at 7 pm. This will be a great chance to practice what we have learned so far.

On Thursday I had an opportunity to dance in lots of squares. This class is doing very well!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team