Class #18 January 19, 2017

Charlie taught the following calls this evening:

  • Alamo Style
  • Fan the Top
  • Spin the Top
  • Highland Fling position for do-si-do
  • Circulate
    • Boys
    • Girls
    • Ends
    • Centers
    • Column
    • Single File
    • Split
  • Pass the Ocean

Thank you to class member Caryn for taking notes on the calls taught tonight to assist in creating this blog!

Just a reminder that Gary Milton does a square dance workshop from 6:30-7:00 pm and John & Sandy do review from 7:00-7:30 pm just prior to instruction with Charlie Robertson.

Mary Kay reminded us that it’s time to plan for Valentine’s Day by fining us if we haven’t done so. Thank you Pat for helping Mary Kay with sheriff duties.

Remember that the Ramblin’ Rogues Half Way dance is on February 9 and the theme is Valentine’s Day. The dance schedule is 7:00-9:30 pm located at the regular dance hall we use for Thursday night instruction. At the back of the room for each Thursday night class there is large display and flyers that advertise this dance.

Carol Silver announced that there is material available for the current Ramblin’ Rogues outfit. Note however, that by June we expect to announce a new outfit that will replace the current one.

Ken Rohde announced that tickets are being sold to a ‘Music Under the Stars Summer Concert Series’ event at Mission San Juan Capistrano on Saturday, July 8. A Bee Gees Tribute band will be performing. This event is always well attended by the Ramblin Rogues.

Quin led us in a round of God Bless America at the end of the evening. Thank you Quin!

The class members are really doing well - they've learned quite a few calls at this point!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team.