Class #31 May 25, 2017

We had a full house tonight with many wearing red, white, and blue to celebrate the upcoming Memorial Day! Well done Angels and Class members!

Charlie Robertson was out this evening so Dennis Young substituted. He put together a wonderful evening of instruction and review.

Graduation is June 8 – two weeks away! On the evening of graduation, we will start at 7:30pm and will not have the usual workshop with Gary and the review with John Hill.

Mary Kay levied a Memorial Day themed fine!

As you know, all the calls have been taught at this point so the evening was mainly review. Following are some of the calls covered this evening.

Gary pointed out that it’s good practice to square up at the end of each call – you should always be facing one of four walls at the end of a call.

He also pointed out that at the beginning/end of each call you should know who your current partner is and you should have a light hand hold or at least tap your partners hand as a reference. Many calls are partner based so you’ll want to know who your current partner is.

During John Hill’s review, John fired off lots of calls in quick succession to get the class acclimated to dancing at normal speed. Among others, he called lots of the following:

  • Boy run
  • Girl run
  • Trade
  • Centers Trade
  • Ends Trade
  • Centers Cross Run
  • Circulate

Dennis Young observed the class was doing well. Among other calls, he reviewed Cross Fire, Tag the Line, Half Tag the Line, and Quarter Tag the Line.

Lots of fun this evening!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team

Class #30 May 18, 2017

Charlie has taught all the basic, mainstream, and plus calls at this point so didn’t introduce any new calls tonight. He did, however, pass along the following pointers:

  • During square formation, once you are in a square don’t ever abandon the square and move to an alternate square! Don’t do it even if your ex-wife is your corner, your opposite, or your right-hand lady!
  • During square formation, if a couple comes to join your square in an open spot, don’t turn them away saying the open spot is for someone else.
  • Don’t hold hands too tight - a light touch is all that is needed.
  • No alcohol before dances.
  • Recently bathed and deodorized is recommended.

Gary Milton reviewed,

  • Peel the Top
  • Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears

John Hill ran us through our paces. One call he spent some time on was Spin the Top from the Thar position.

Charlie’s focus seemed to be to pick up the pace of his calling tonight.

Please wear red, white, and blue to celebrate memorial day next Thursday.

Mike Taylor pointed out that there are visitations the class members could try at this point. A visitation he recommended for this weekend is on Saturday, May 20, with the Church Mice, David Mee calling. (Salvation Army Community Center, 1515 W. North Street)

Quin closed out the night with 'Home On The Range'.

Nice work tonight!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team

Class #29 May 11, 2017

Charlie taught the following calls tonight:

  • All Eight Spin the Top
  • Peel the Top
  • Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears

In addition to others, Charlie reviewed:

  • Spin Chain the Gears
  • Spin Chain Thru

Charlie announced that at this point, all of the calls (basic/mainstream/plus) have been taught and that the next few weeks will be an opportunity to solidify what the class members have learned. Note that the class has learned approximately 100 calls. Spectacular!

Graduation is in 4 weeks from tonight! The Saturday following graduation is the Class Party.

John Hill announced ‘this is the best class he’s seen in 20 years’!

Our sheriff, Mary Kay, gave a short history of Mother's day. She fined those that didn't know the name of the woman that established this day.

After graduation there is a series 12 workshops, one per Thursday, with a different caller each Thursday. It will be a great opportunity to dance to a variety of callers!

Fred Baker and the Class Coordination Team

Class #28 May 4, 2017

Charlie taught the following calls tonight:

  • Dixie Grand
  • Chase Right
  • Cut the Diamond

In diamonds, there are centers and there are points. Two people are centers and they hold hands. Two other people are points and they literally point to the center of the diamond. Note that on a Cut the Diamond, the pointers do kind of trade then become centers. The centers move to the pointers position and become pointers.

Reviewed were the following:

  • Follow Your Neighbor
  • Follow Your Neighbor and Spread
  • Wheel and Deal

Licia Lusby, our club Treasurer will be moving to Northern California and this was her last night at our class. Fred recognized Licia for all the hard work she has performed over the last year. On behalf of the club, Fred thanked Licia, wished her well on her new endeavors and gave her some flowers as a token of the clubs appreciation. Good luck Licia!

The class sheriff, Mary Kay, faithfully performed her duties by levying a fine.

We celebrated Cinco De Mayo on Quatro De Mayo! There was a sombrero or two in the group and lots of people wearing red, white and green.

Please sign up in the back of the room for the class party which is Saturday June 10. It is fast approaching!

Quin closed out the night by leading us in a rousing rendition of ‘Deep In The Heart of Texas’

Great work tonight, Class of 2017!