Class #26 March 23, 2017

We had a full house tonight!

Charlie taught the following calls:

  • Roll

This call is appended to another call such as Swing Thru. For example, a caller would call ‘swing thru and roll’. The definition of roll is the following ‘If you had turning motion on your last part of the previous call, then turn an extra 1/4 (90°) in place toward that direction.’

Charlie (and Gary too!) also reviewed the following:

  • Spin Chain Thru
  • Spin Chain the Gears

These two calls are a challenge for even the experienced dancer! I was paying closer attention to these calls tonight and observed the following:

With Spin Chain Thru, at any given time, one or more couples is doing the following sequence:

Half, Three quarters, Half, Three quarters

With Spin Chain the Gears, at any given time, one or more couples is doing the following sequence:

Half, Three quarters, Half, Three quarters, Half, Three quarters

Our Sheriff, Mary Kay was back! Glad to hear she is on the mend! In honor of her husband's hip replacement, she fined those who had not had a hip replacement!

We have a new class calendar in the back of the room. It covers April, May, and June.

In place of class next week, we will have a 50th Anniversary Dance. It starts at 7 pm and will be in the large hall of the Murray Community center. It promises to be a great evening so please join us! The singles board will be in operation!

After the 50th Anniversary Dance, Judy and Gary Milton will host an after party at their home. All are welcome!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team

Class #25, March 16, 2017

There was lots of green in the room tonight as we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day!

Charlie taught the following calls:

  • Coordinate
  • Spin Chanin Thru
  • Spin Chain and Exchange

We reviewed Linear Cycle and other calls.

Our Sherriff, Mary Kay, was out this evening. Sheriff duties were performed by Sandra who fined anyone who didn’t tweet today!

Many of us will be in Bakersfield for the Bakersfield Fiesta. Hope to see you there!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team

Class #24 March 9, 2017

Caller Mike Haworth substituted for Charlie Robertson tonight. We had a great turnout this evening.

Mike Haworth taught the following calls:

  • SeeSaw
  • Peel Off
  • Linear Cycle

We also had a review of Teacup Chain, Ping Pong Circulate, and Load the Boat.

Class Sheriff, Mary Kay, was back after a couple week absence. She has been taking care of her husband Jim as he is recovering from surgery. The fine tonight? If you are in good health, the fine is $1.

We had a class meeting that was led by Barbara and David Jansen. The Venue, Date, Time for the End of Year Class party are set. Charlie Robertson will join us. A paper with emails for the class members was distributed for verification. Assignments for the class party were discussed.

Thank you class members for all of the energy you put into this class!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team

Class #23 March 2, 2017

Charlie taught three challenging calls tonight:

  • Teacup Chain (Remember the girl will visit each boy in turn starting with her corner then each subsequent boy in the clockwise direction.)
  • Ping Pong Circulate (Remember to do a single clap just after the caller makes the call!)
  • Load the Boat (Remember Sharks and Pirates!)

He also reviewed the Chain Thru series (e.g. eight chain thru, three chain thru, and so on)

Our Sheriff, Mary Kay, was out assisting with her husband Jim as he recovers from surgery. Pat did the Sheriff honors for the evening.

Practice and Pizza is this Saturday at John and Sandy Hill’s home at 1 pm. Hope to see you there!

The Bakersfield Fiesta takes place in just over two weeks! It’s always a good time!

Cookie and Barbara have certainly been diligent about their search for a venue for the end of year class party. In the end, The El Toro Mobile Estates Club House, where the party was held last year, will be the location for the event. It’s a great choice!

Nice dancing tonight!

Fred and the Class Coordination Team