Class #11 November 17, 2016

Tonight was another great evening!

We started out at 6:30 pm with Gary Milton’s class focusing on teaching calls by student request. There were a full 3 squares. One of the calls reviewed was Grand Square.

The ‘Sister Sheriffs’ collected a fine for those not wearing a hat. I only saw two hats in the room so that was good for a substantial collection!

Thank you Mike & Sandra and David & Barbara for providing snacks!

We have a new trifold in the back of the room with pictures of all the class members and names below the pictures. This is provided to help us all associate names with faces of the new class members. Be sure to check it out!

We had lots of Village Squares class members join our class tonight. This is a club in Laguna Woods that is taught by Romney Tannehill on the same track (call wise) as our club. Thanks for joining us Village Squares class members!

Please note that we will not have a class this coming Thursday as that is Thanksgiving day! The class for the following Thursday, December 1, will be in the same building but in the larger hall. If you walk into the building through the main entrance, you will turn right rather than left to get to the larger hall. This is a one-time change.

Charlie taught the following calls:

  • Alamo Style Wave
  • Alamo Swing Thru
  • Run
  • Swing Thru

If I missed anything, please drop me an email at

We had a wonderful group at Round Table Pizza after dancing – Ramblin' Rogue club members and class members. The pizza was free - drinks and conversation were flowing! Thanks John and Sandy for spearheading this event.

Fred and the Class Coordination Team

Class #10 November 10, 2016

This Thursday's square dance class openned with a tribute to Veterans. Gary and Judy Milton recognized the many veterans who were in attendance and provided a cake, refreshments, and decorations all of which dovetailed with the theme. Well done Gary and Judy!

Remember that the Holiday Dance is coming up soon - Saturday December 10. This is a night when the ladies are 'dressed to the nines' and many of the men are in tuxedos or suits. Don't miss the sign up deadline which is Novemeber 19.

Gary Milton conducted a review with 2 squares from 6:30 - 7:00 pm. Remember that this is an excellent opportunity for class members to get some focused help on calls that they may be struggling with.

Great job by Linda and Lori as they performed the class sheriff duties!

We welcomed Kathy McSorely, Charlie Braden, and Joyce Ingram into the club.

The calls taught by Charlie were the following:

  • Wheel and Deal (from 2 faced lines)
  • Wheel and Deal (from outfacing lines)
  • Single Pass Through
  • Double Pass Through
  • Couple go left
  • Couple go right
  • Separate go around 1 to a line
  • Separate go around 1 to the middle
  • Separate go around 2 to a line

Thanks to all for making this another great Thursday night.

Fred and the Class Coordination Team

Class #9 November 3, 2016

Another great class!

Make-up’ sessions are now being offered from 6:30 – 7:00 pm by Gary Milton. That’s just prior to the review session at 7:00 pm. While Gary wasn’t able to attend this initial session because of an unavoidable change in plans, Susan Cook, Chris, and others stepped in to help. We will see Gary back next Thursday.

Mary Kay and Linda performed their sheriff duties with Linda doing the honors for fine assessment.

We will have a Veteran’s Day recognition during next week’s class. Gary and Judy Milton are organizing this event.

A ‘Fast Pass’ was offered to students for the month of November. There are only 3 classes in the month of November so the charge for the ‘Fast Pass’ is $15.

The following calls were taught by Charlie this evening:

  • Circle to a line – Traditional styling
  • Circle to a line – Modern styling
  • Boys Circulate
  • Girls Circulate
  • Couples Circulate
  • Flutter Wheel
  • Reverse Flutter Wheel
  • Separate around one into the middle
  • Separate around one into a line

If missed anything, please let me know with an email to

Fred and the Class Coordination Team